Monday, March 14, 2016

And the results are in...

After wrapping up a few last minute envelopes, we have the final total raised by Keystone Elementary students in our Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser.  I had no idea what to expect this year as it was my first year participating in the Jump Rope for Heart activities.  In my mind, if we raised $500 I would have been really impressed.

Our students her at Keystone amazed me with their hard work and enthusiasm.  Together the students raised $4,846.87!  It is hard to come up with words that describe how proud we are of our students.  Jump Rope for Heart says that $50 will save a life.  That's almost 100 people effected by heart conditions that we have helped.  Through these efforts, we have received a $500 gift card for PE gear at US Games!

Thank you to our students, parents, and anyone who donated for making this possible!

Many students earned prizes by receiving donations.  The prizes have been ordered but I do not yet have a timeline when they will arrive.  The students have been very patiently waiting and I will let them know, when I know, when they will be in.  Thanks again to everyone who took part!

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